DAF MIRACLE MOUNT is a High-Quality, Optically Clear Mounting Adhesive

This unique “second surface” mounting solution has two optically clear pressure-sensitive adhesives protected on each side by a polyester release liner. Simply adhere printed images to the permanent acrylic adhesive and then, face mounting, apply the other Siliconized adhesive side to clear Glass, Acrylic, PlexiglassTM or Polycarbonate.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Unique Optically Clear Siliconized Low Tack adhesive for easy on/off Window Graphics.
  • Can be installed by non-professionals. Removes easily without leaving any adhesive residue.
  • Put-up, 150’.
  • Shelf Life: 1 year (stored up to 25°C and 50% relative humidity), in original packing.

Available in:

  • 54″ x 150′ – Mounting Film
  • 6″ x 150′  – Mounting Tape
  • 3″ x 150′ – Mounting Tape
  • Use as a mounting adhesive where see-through or optical clarity is required such as window advertisements or other clear displays.
  • Use with DAF Companion Products to Mount for Retail and POP/POS.
Product Specifications



  1. Inner Liner = Frosted Matte 50 micron PET release liner
  2. Inner-Adhesive = Optically clear silicone pressure sensitive adhesive
  3. Film = 75 micron optically clear PET film
  4. Outer-Adhesive = Optically clear, Permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.
  5. Outer Liner = Clear 25 micron PET release liner

Put-Up: 150 feet

Standard Widths: 3″, 6″, 54″


  • Permanent Solvent-Acrylic (Primary Surface)
  • Low-Tack Silicone (Secondary Surface)

Part # and Standard sizes (Each roll is suspended and individually boxed.)

  • RMIRACLEMNT-54150 – MIRACLE MOUNT 54″ x 150′
  • RMIRACLEMNT-6150 – MIRACLE MOUNT 6″ x 150′
  • RMIRACLEMNT-3150 – MIRACLE MOUNT 3″ x 150′

Print and Application Guidelines

The new standard in removable printing has arrived!