DAF Safeguard Thin

Safe Guard Thin 1231

DAF Safeguard Thin is a clear 2 mil cold- or heat-assist lamination film with a clear (PSA) pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Unique, low-cost 50 micron monomeric calendered PVC (shrinkage 1- 2% without printed ink)
  • Lifespan: Outdoors up to 1 year, indoors up to 5 years under normal conditions.
  • Cold- or heat-assist lamination
  • Shelf life: 1 year (stored up to 25°C and 50% relative humidity) in original packing

For protecting your high-quality wide-format graphics and adding protection or changing the finish to UVC printed graphics.

Product Specifications

Face Film: 2 mil Monomeric PVC

Solvent-based acrylic (permanent) pressure sensitive adhesive.

Liner: Yellow one-side PE and silicon coated, 100 gsm (64 lb.)

Finishes available: Gloss, Matte

Standard Widths: 54”

Finishes: Gloss, Matte

Put-Up: 164 feet

Adhesive Color: Clear

Outdoor Life: up to 1 year under normal conditions.

Part # and Standard Sizes (Each roll is suspended and individually boxed.)

  • RSAFTHNG80-54164 – Safeguard Thin Glossy 54” x 164’
  • RSAFTHNM80-54164 – Safeguard Thin Matte 54” x 164’
Choose the best protection for your graphics.