DAF Composite Roll Up

composite banner film 1

DAF COMPOSITE ROLLUP BANNER FILM is a 12 mil, polyester film. It is white on the print side with a luster finish. It has a block-out layer in the middle and a white back. DAF COMPOSITE ROLLUP BANNER is printable on both sides. This intermediate media has curl resistance and stretch resistance on tension banner stands and blocks ambient light. DAF COMPOSITE ROLLUP BANNER is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV printing.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Material PVC/PET Curl Resistant Composite Film
  • Front White, Quick Dry PVC with Luster Low Glare Finish
  • Back White, Two-side Printable
  • Caliper 12 mils.
  • Gloss (60º) 15
  • Durability Promotional-Intermediate


  • Optimized for Eco-Solvent, Solvent, UV and Latex printers.

General Graphics; Roll-up stands and Displays, Transit Shelters, Wayfinds, Banners, Retail, POP, Events, Tradeshows etc.

Product Specifications

Properties: 12mil/330gsm PVC+PET+PVC composite film with luster low glare print surface resulting in high color gamut images and graphics while holding fine details and type. Resistant to bulking or stretching under normal conditions.

Handling and Finishing:

  • Grommet acceptable.
  • Product trims clean and even with straight edge and blade.
  • Lamination is not required for retractable rollup stands.
  • Always store unused material in original packaging.

Print Settings and Application Guidelines

Contact us to order our DAF Composite ROLLUP Banner Film for Retractable Roll-up Banner Stands and Other Displays.