About DAF Graphic Media

About DAF Graphic Media

DAF Products is a designer and supplier of wide-format and grand-format printable media, providing unique, specialized, and economical media solutions to the print, graphics, and advertising industries since 1986. Headquartered in Wyckoff, NJ, DAF has warehouse locations across the United States, and works with the best factories in the USA and around the globe. DAF’s dedicated internal testing lab in NJ, and quality-control and sourcing center in Changzhou, China, ensure high quality for all materials. In addition to sign and graphics, other product lines include healthcare, tent and structure, automotive, aerospace, military, and pool.

Our Promise of Quality and Value

We stand behind our products.

DAF Products takes great pride in offering quality products at competitive prices. Our inspectors in Asia and our test lab in New Jersey examine every production run. We stand by our products and our customers.

DAF Quality Control Program:

  1. DAF inspectors examine product as it is made at the factory.
  2. The DAF China office tests the production sample.
  3. DAF’s internal test lab in Wyckoff, NJ, tests the production sample. If and only if weight, adhesion, opacity, color, gloss, and all other tests meet stringent DAF standards, the material is allowed to enter the United States to be used by our customers.

DAF China Office:

Our dedicated office in Asia is our “boots on the ground,” working directly with our factories to ensure the highest quality. DAF’s dedicated inspectors scrutinize every production run, and only release material for further testing in the USA if they are satisfied the material meets our tight specifications. All staff in Asia are direct DAF employees. Our logistics office is in the manufacturing hub of Changzhou, China, close to the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo.

Meet the DAF Graphic Media Sales Team
Tom Palmer
Tom founded DAF Products in 1986 and continues to oversee all divisions of DAF Products, including graphic media.
Larry Delesio
Business Development Manager - Wide-format Graphic Media
Larry Delesio is in charge of the graphic media division at DAF covering both the East and West Coasts and the Upper-Midwest.
team image
Dave Orliss
Sales Representative
Dave is the territory sales rep for the Rockies and Pacific Northwest
team image
Joe Palmer
Vice President
Joe oversees national sales, marketing, and quality control for all of DAF Products.
team image
Pat Merck
Customer Service
Pat runs the customer service department for DAF Products.
team image
Anne Gormley
Customer Service
Anne provides excellent customer service for DAF Products.

Our dedication to our customers is our greatest strength.

We take great pride in the service of our customers. From a dedicated quality and assurance office in China to our personal interactions with our customers, we deliver industry-leading products and back them with industry-leading customer care. Worry-free partnerships are what make DAF Graphic Media a leading choice for non-branded plan box and private label wide-format materials.


Visit our parent company, DAF Products, Inc.

DAF Graphic Media is a subsidiary of DAF Products, Inc., a high-quality manufacturer of flexible reinforced laminated films and various coated fabrics. DAF Products is well known for its high-quality fabrics for aerospace, healthcare, industrial, military spec, pool and spa, tent and structure, and correctional industries. Visit DAF Products to learn more.