DAF Super Double Polish Clear Vinyl (SDPC)

DAF Super Double Polish Clear Vinyl

“Super Double Polish Clear” is not just a fancy phrase. It is an intricate manufacturing process that results in the very best clarity for calendared vinyl film. DAF is committed to upholding this high standard. DAF SDPC vinyl is transparent, with no waves, flow marks, or other visual blemishes. When installed correctly, DAF SDPC has the clarity of a glass window.

Images from Anchor Industries
Images from Anchor Industries
Key Features and Benefits
  • High Clarity
  • Remains clear, even outdoors in UV light (rated 1,000+ hours in accelerated weathering test with no yellowing or discoloration)
  • Flame Resistant (California Fire Marshall Title 19 registration)
  • Cold Crack Resistant (-20*F and beyond)
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Standard Caliper 16GA (0.016”) and 20GA (0.020”).
  • Custom caliper and width available upon request

SDPC (rolls) vs. Glass or Acrylic (panels or sheets):

  • Easier to Transport
  • More Durable – Low risk of damage
  • More Flexibility in Size – just unroll to the desired length. Not limited by “sheet size.”
  • Can be folded
  • Can be welded

Uses: tents, curtains, barriers, screens, or anywhere clarity is of utmost importance.

Product Specifications

Standard Widths: 61″, 72″

Finishes: Super Double Polish Clear (SDPC)

Put-Up: Estimated 60 yards/roll

Outdoor Life: 1,000 hours rated (accelerated weathering)

Part # and Standard Sizes (Each roll is suspended and individually boxed.)

  • 16SDPC##01
  • 20SDPC##01
(## – Width)
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