DAF Double-Sided Polypropylene Block-Out Film

DAF Double-sided Polypropylene Block-out 8 mil Film has excellent light-blocking properties and a double-matte surface that is designed for printing on both sides.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Highest opacity and light block properties for a PP film in the industry.
  • Double-side printable, eliminating the need to stitch two substrates together to create a two-sided banner.
  • Excellent ink adhesion on both sides.
  • Latex compatible (pre-test). Industry standard is UVC only.
  • Water- and tear-resistant.
  • Environmentally responsible–Offering the ability to recycle material subject to final application.


  • Use with UVC, Latex 360 (or newer) printers, and Silkscreens.
  • Not recommended for Eco or Solvent printers.

Specialized photo printing, window displays, promotional advertising, retail, and trade shows.

Product Specifications

Construction: 8 mil polypropylene block-out film

Standard Widths: 36”, 50”, 54”, 60”

Finish: Double Matte

Put-Up: 150- and 300-foot (only in 36”) rolls

Color: White Opaque

Companion Product: DAF Optically Clear Double-sided Tape

Part # and Standard Sizes (Each roll is suspended and individually boxed.)

  • RPPB/OUVM-36150 – Double-sided Block-out PP Film 36” x 150’
  • RPPB/OUVM-36300 – Double-sided Block-out PP Film 36” x 300’
  • RPPB/OUVM-50150 – Double-sided Block-out PP Film 50” x 150’
  • RPPB/OUVM-60150 – Double-sided Block-out PP Film 60” x 150’

Data Sheets, Print Settings, and Application Guidelines

Print Profiles

DAF Double-sided Block-out PP Film

High-quality, double-sided photo printing for everything from trade shows to calendars. Order today!