Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide and Tack

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Super-Slide, Tack On-Demand. The ULTIMATE Revolution has Started

Advanced Wrapping Film for Everyone

This up to 12-Year (zone 1) Cast film is the ideal solution for customizing or branding any type of vehicle or commercial fleet. Easily conformable on any 3D surface.

Fedrigoni Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide and Tack Premium Cast Wrapping Film is a 2 mil Premium White Pre-Stretched CAST film with a Gloss finish and a heat-activated slideable pressure sensitive adhesive with a stay-flat micro-embossed PE coated kraft paper 160 gsm liner. This film is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based, latex and UV curable inks. This product is the right choice for those looking for a consistent 12-year Wrap Cast Vinyl for use on a wide variety of vehicles and other challenging surfaces.

Key Features


The premium Cast Film is pre-stretched at the factory. This construction builds in surface tension, allowing installers to use a tension-free technique that utilizes heat to make the product shrink into and conform to surfaces by itself. This allows for a faster workflow with significantly less effort. Simply apply heat and allow it to cool. Then apply normally for bubble-free application to any 3D surface.

Ultimate Slide and Tack

The special formulation of the adhesive, combined with our proprietary microstructure liner, makes Ri-Jet C50 a product of the highest quality. The low initial adhesion of the adhesive means that the film can be easily repositioned on any surface over a longer period. The Ultimate feature offers multiple repositions while still easily eliminating any trapped air.

Highly Conformable

The high quality of the PVC guarantees optimal application on the most complex surfaces (rivets, concave, and convex surfaces) that require a highly conformable and adaptable material for the best finish. This ensures high dimensional stability over the life of the application.

Construction and Specs

Face Film

  • Face Film: White CAST Print Film
  • Gauge: (ISO 2286-3) 2 mil (50 micron) nominal
  • Printer Compatibility: Latex, Eco-Solvent, Solvent, UVC, UV Gel


  • Type: Permanent grey low-tack solvent-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive with air channels/bubble free
  • Additional feature: Heat-activated
  • Application temperature: +5C to +60C
  • Service temperature: -30C to +110C

Release Liner

  • Weight: 160 gsm nominal
  • Type: Structured micro-embossed lay-flat kraft paper with PE coating


  • Gloss

Roll Size

  • 54″ x 150′
  • 60″ x 150′ available upon request (custom order)


  • Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in proper conditions 70*F and 50% RH.
  • External weathering: Up to 12 years (zone 1). This refers to the unprinted vinyl. Refer to ink manufacturer for
    the durability of the finished product.

This product is REACH and RoHS compliant.


  • Allow a minimum of 24-48 hours for ink to dry before application of the overlaminate, or to the vehicle. Depending on the print and drying conditions this can often be in excess of 48 hours. Retained solvents will reduce adhesion levels.
  • To achieve the best possible print quality, make sure that the correct ICC profiles or printer settings are used.
  • Successful vehicle wrap application requires the necessary techniques.
  • The printed vinyl must be laminated with Ri-Lam C30 Ultimate Laminate to protect the printed image from UV fading and mechanical abrasion.
  • Do not overstretch as this will cause the application to fail.
  • Only suitable for dry application on clean and degreased surfaces at temperature above 15*C, ideally at 20*C. The vinyl needs to be heated at 35-40*C before being conformed to 3D areas.
  • During application onto these 3D areas, considerable tension will be introduced in the material which is essential to release. This tension will be released by post-heating the material to 90*C. Without this stabilization, the vinyl may pop out of the recesses later.
  • Adhesion build-up curve is low under 15*C. In wintertime, the wrapped car needs to remain inside premises at 20*C for 24 hours. If the car needs to be released outside earlier, we recommend to first warm-up all film surfaces to 25-30*C before moving the car outside.
  • Once the wrap install is complete, it is highly recommended to post-heat to 90*C (190*F), especially on the edges and in curves and recesses, to promote final adhesion.
  • The user should determine the suitability of the substrate.

Pair With

Downloads (click to download)

Data Sheets, Print Settings, and Application Guidelines


Print Information

Printing and Handling

  • Suitable for use on Solvent, Eco-Solvent, and Latex inkjet printers. Always perform a test print first.
  • Ensure that the correct profiles and heater settings are used.
  • Ensure that the material has reached room temperature and relative humidity of 50% before printing.
  • Do not handle the face film directly and ensure it is free from dust and static.


  • Over-lamination is recommended to prevent abrasion, extend colorfastness, and also offer easier handling.
  • Allow the inks to cure before over-laminating, this is usually 24-48 hours.
  • The matched laminate for is Fedrigoni Ri-Lam C30 Ultimate Laminate from DAF Products. For all other laminates, the user should determine suitability.

Print Profiles

  • Under “Material Name,” select “Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate White Slide and Tack”




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