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For faster, trouble-free application of glass manifestation, MetaScape Etches offers ease of application by providing air with an exit route from under the graphic. MetaScape Crystal Etch, Dusted Etch, and Silver Etch films are polymeric calendered etch effect vinyl, specially formulated for producing fine window decals and manifestation. The 70-micron film and high-quality release liner and adhesive provide fast cutting and easy weeding on all computerized sign making equipment. The vinyl is resistant to most mineral oils, fats, and fuels, aliphatic solvents, mild acids, diesel, gasoline, paraffin, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, soap suds, etc.

Key Features and Benefits

Face Film

  • Face Film: Polymeric calendered PVC
  • Gauge: 70 micron nominal
  • Tensile Strength: 47N/25mm MD / 43N/25mm TD
  • Elongation at Break: 180% MD nominal
  • Shrinkage: -0.5% MD, -0.2% TD


  • Type: ‘MetaScape’ permanent clear solvent acrylic with air channels.
  • Weight: 22gsm nominal
  • Adhesion to glass: 20 mins 15N/25mm nominal
  • Adhesion to glass: 24 hour 20N/25mm nominal
  • Perceived tack: Medium
  • Shear strength: Medium to High
  • Application temperature: +5C to +60C
  • Service temperature: -30oC to +110oC

Light Transmission

  • MetaScape Crystal Etch 57%
  • MetaScape Dusted Etch 88%
  • MetaScape Silver Etch 56%

Release Liner

  • Print: ‘MetaScape’ print
  • Weight: 140 gsm nominal
  • Gauge: 145mym nominal
  • Type: Structured lay-flat kraft paper with PE coating


  • M7A-CR MetaScape Crystal Etch
  • M7A-DE MetaScape Dusted Etch
  • M7A-SE MetaScape Silver Etch


  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • External weathering: 7 years in vertical exposure under Northern European conditions
  • Fire Rating: Class B. Classification compliant with BS EN 13501-1:2007
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to mineral oils, fats and fuels, aliphatic solvents, mild acids, salt and alkali for e.g. diesel oil, gasoline, paraffin, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, soap suds etc.


For computer-cut etched glass effect graphics, and window manifestation.

Crystal Etch offers a subtle glitter effect, Silver Etch is suitable for decals where a higher level of opacity is required, while Dusted Etchprovides a higher level of transparency for more subtle window markings.

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Data Sheets, Print Settings, and Application Guidelines

Etch – METAScape Crystal Etch

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