Adhesive Print Vinyl

What You Get

Beautiful Graphics

DAF IMPRINT is a calandared solvent ink jet print film that optimizes color saturation and leaves you with incredibly vivid graphics every time.

Durability and Options

DAF IMPRINT comes with an expected two-year shelf life and is offered in both gloss and matte finishes for incredible block out.

What You Get

Red Carpet Ready

Why walk the red carpet when you can paint it? DAF IMPRINT is perfect for red carpet and post-event interview applications.

Optimized Color Saturation

Engage your audience with crisp and life-like images as a result of our high-performance, optimized color-saturation qualities.

What You Get

Flawless Installation

Our air egress adhesive backing helps to eliminate air bubbles so you can achieve a flawless installation with ease.

Install in More Places

DAF ESCAPE is for rigid, flat surfaces like aluminum, corrugated plastic, PVC, and more.

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