Metamark MG-X Cast Cylinder Cast Digital Wrapping Overlaminate

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MetaGuard X is a 50-micron Cylinder Cast soft PVC Overlaminate. Matched to Metamark MD-X digital wrapping media, this system provides assurance of dimensional stability and trouble-free application over 3D surfaces, compound curves, and recesses. The Apex assured solvent-based adhesive delivers high performance and is suitable for cold over-lamination. Finishing prints with MetaGuard X prevents abrasion, extends color fastness, and also allows offers easier application.

Key Features and Benefits

Face Film

  • Face Film: Cylinder Cast Film
  • Gauge: 50-micron nominal
  • Tensile Strength: 18N/15mm MD min
  • Elongation at break: 180% MD nominal


  • Type: Permanent clear pressure-sensitive solvent-based acrylic with UV inhibitors
  • Weight: 22gsm nominal
  • Adhesion to glass 20 mins: 15N/25mm nominal
  • Adhesion to glass 24 hours: 20N/25mm nominal
  • Shear strength: Medium to high
  • Application temperature: +5C to +60C
  • Service temperature: -30C to +110C

Release Liner

  • Print: ‘Metamark Digital Vinyl’ grey print
  • Weight: 140 gsm nominal
  • Type: Advanced specially treated lay-flat kraft paper with high internal strength and PE coating


Finishes Available:

  • MG-X-005 Gloss
  • MG-X-002 Matte

Roll Presentation

Roll sizes and net weights:

  • 760mm x 50m 10kg
  • 1370mm x 50m 19kg
  • 1600mm x 50m 22kg
  • Presentation: Laminate outwards, on a 76mm core. MG-X-002 available in 1370mm only.


  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • External weathering: 7 years (unprinted vinyl. Refer to ink manufacturer for the durability of the finished product)
  • Fire Rating: Self-extinguishing. The fire rating is a function of the substrate.
  • Chemical Resistance: Unprinted film resistant to mild acids, aliphatic solvents, salt and alkali, diesel oil, gasoline, paraffin, hydraulic oil, antifreeze.


Material Handling

  • This product is suitable for cold lamination using a laminator.
  • Ensure that the material has reached room temperature and relative humidity of 50% before use.


  • Suitable for use on Solvent, Eco-Solvent Inkjet, and Latex prints on Metamark print media. Not suitable for UV prints.
  • The product is matched to Metamark MD-X. Matched laminates prevent tunneling and delamination.
  • Allow the inks to cure before over-laminating, usually 24-48 hours. Failure to do so can cause delamination, tunneling, and shrinkage.
  • Apply around 30C on the top roller to prevent silvering of the adhesive.
  • Refer to for further application guidelines.
  • The user should determine the suitability of the overlaminate to the print media.

Downloads (click to download)

Data Sheets, Print Settings, and Application Guidelines

MetaGuard X 005 _ 002

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